Membership of the Bezerra de Menezes Kardecian Spiritist Association is open to those who are in sympathy with its  Mission and make monthly contributions.

Membership includes (all levels):

  • Participation in an international organization with members in some 35 countries of the world and U.S. groups in about 20 states.
  • Subscription to Spiritual Beacon, a quarterly magazine of Spiritist philosophy, science and religion; and BezerraNews, a weekly newsletter.
  • Use of the Paulo Azevedo Library, which lends books, DVD’s and audio CD’s, in person or by mail across the USA.
  • A Welcome packet with introductory letters covering basic Spiritist concepts.
  • Discounts on some lectures, workshops, seminars and other Spiritist events.
  • Opportunities to join interactive online study groups.

Two levels of Membership:

1)  Contributor/Promoter Member——————–> Financial Responsibility.

2)  Effective Member—————–>Financial Responsibility plus ability to be elected to the Board of Directors and other positions of responsibility.

Note:  Both levels, after a year of monthly contributions become eligible to be Effective Members.

How to become a:

Contributor/Promoter Member.  To make monthly donations of $100 or more.

Effective Member. a)  To make monthly contributions of any amount, for a year. b) After fulfilling a)  To be sponsored in written, by a current member.  Then, c)  To be approved by the Board of Director and Deliberative Council. (All forms required are available in our office.)

Make your donation now!

  • Become a Contributor/Promoter Member when you pledge $100 or more per month.
  • Become a Contributor Member when you pledge any amount per month.
  • Make a One-Time donation of any amount.

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Bezerra de Menezes Kardecian Spiritist Association is a nonprofit, educational and charitable organization, with status 501(c)(3) with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.  As our mission reflects, we aim to disseminate the teachings of Spiritism, providing Spiritual and Material assistance, always considering those who approach us, brothers and sisters, and more importantly, recognizing them as eternal souls.

Your financial support is very important to continue fulfilling our mission.  Our Center, 3500 sq/ft dedicated to the study of Spiritism as codified by Allan Kardec , with a children Sunday school, where they learn the fundamentals of Spiritism according to their age.  With six days open to the public, providing free classes in English, Spanish and Portuguese, Food Pantry (weekly Free Food distribution for families in need), Spiritual Assistance through Fluid Therapy , Mediumship group, study and practice of Mediumship.  All our services are free of charge, and our organization is run 100% by volunteers.  Pay us a visit and see for yourself: 6450 NW 77th CT Miami FL 33166