by Luis Salazar


“The moral teaching of the higher spirits may be sumned up, like that of Christ, in the gospel

maxim, ‘Do unto others as you would that others should do unto you;’ that is to say, do good

to all, and wrong no one. This principle of action furnishes mankind with a rule of conduct of

universal application, from the smallest matters to the greatest.

They teach us that selfishness, pride, sensuality, are passions which bring us back towards the

animal nature, by attaching us to matter; that he who, in this lower life, detaches himself froni

matter through contempt of worldly trifles, and through love of the neighbour, brings himself

back towards the spiritual nature; that we should all make ourselves useful, according to the

means which God has placed in our hands for our trial; that the strong and the powerful owe

aid and protection to the weak; and that he who misuses strength and power to oppress his

fellow-creature violates the law of God.“  From The Spirit´s book by Allan Kardec, Introduction, Chapter VI. (1857)

With this beautiful and powerful teaching as introduction, I invite you, dear reader, to reflect on the following poem.

IMAGINE:  The making of an Angel
by Luis Salazar ©2010

Imagine you don’t have what you have,

Imagine you don’t know what you know

Imagine not having the life that you have

You are blank

Now bring to yourself some chronic illnesses

Now bring to yourself some learning disabilities

Now bring to yourself many people who depend on you

You are somebody else

Now imagine that you have what is yours, including health and posessions

Now imagine yourself knowing and learning everything you need

Now imagine many people who will eat today thanks to you

You are a better person now

Imagine yourself sharing with strangers what took you sweat and tears to earn

Imagine yourself sharing with strangers what you know, your life experience

Imagine yourself sharing with strangers your thoughts

You are an Angel now

Peace be with you