The Angel of Mercy

From the book “On the pathways of Jesus” by Divaldo Pereira Franco/Amelia Rodrigues

In tragic and stormy afternoon at Calvary, when Jesus was failing, there was an unexpected event. In the final moments of the horrendous spectacle, three celestial figures came reverent to the wood of the agony.

One of the celestial figures, a young woman said: “Lord, I come to offer you the assurance of my failure. I followed your steps everywhere, I cheered up, stimulate feelings to reason and called servers for the work of the Fellowship. And I was with you when you were denied by Simon Peter. Disillusioned of people, I come to beg permission to leave in the direction of heaven.

You know, I’m the Faith

Jesus looked at her wordlessly.

The second entity approached him and said:  I lived all your instructions, and try to change the moral of those who followed you. I saw many who complained, others on the edge of madness and despair, but thanks to your liberating word they expected better days, everywhere I found new service opportunities seized. In spite of this, followed Judas and try summon to lucidity, repented as the betrayal was committed. Perceiving his unhappy thoughts telling him tenderly wrapped it in there is always an opportunity for which you want to regenerate ….

Since I failed among creatures come to ask permission to leave Earth, esp as you remembered am hope.

The third visitor approached and exposed, there where you look tenderness and love I offer, I provide accommodation and service. Through your hands, mouths opened without melody to the music of the word, never hesitate to help generate sympathy, sustain and motivate Faith Hope. The hungry crowds, through me and under your orders, received loaves and fishes. Still, due to the neglect to which all you have overlooked and witnessing the mistreatment they suffer at the hands cold and immoral, without compassion, I ask you to let me leave this world in the direction of the stars. Well remember, I am Charity.

Amid the heavy silence, the Master pray: Lord Forgive them they know not what they do. Suddenly a splendid beauty be excited but respectful approached and said, I am the Angel of Mercy, sent by the Father who attends your order. Say what you want sir me and I will. To this Jesus replied: Stood in the world, bringing you the Faith, Hope and Charity, in my Nameto that men know me or not, can feel relieved their pains and sorrows, avoiding the misfortunes as possible under the canopy of my love. Remaining without fatigue or discouragement to the consummation of the world, as lights which indicate directions of happiness! At that time the three virtues embraced the Angel of Mercy and left for the work assigned. At that time Jesus said, Father, into your hands I commit my spirit. All this accomplished.

From that hour when the pain reached its maximum intensity when the blindness blind millions of lives when everything seems to destruction, the angel of mercy envelops the creatures leaving the flame of faith that revives, or the beating of the hope that renews and gives courage, or hands sublime charity that supports and releases on behalf of the infinite love of Jesus Christ.