Knowledge of the First Principles of Things

  1. Is it given to mankind to know the first principle of things? “No. There are things that cannot be understood by man in this world.”
  2. Will man ever be able to penetrate the mystery of things now hidden from him? “The veil will be raised for him in proportion as he accomplishes his purification; but, in order to understand certain things, he would need faculties which he does not yet possess.”
  3. Cannot man, through scientific investigation, penetrate some of the secrets of nature? “The faculty of scientific research has been given to him as a means by which he may advance in every direction; but he cannot overstep the limits of his present possibilities.” The farther man advances in the study of the mysteries around him, the greater should be his admiration of the power and wisdom of the Creator. But, partly through pride, partly through weakness, his intellect itself often renders him the sport of illusion. He heaps systems upon systems; and every day shows him how many errors he has mistaken for truths, how many truths he has repelled as errors. All this should be a lesson for his pride.
  4. Is man permitted to receive communications of a higher order in regard to matters which, not being within the scope of his senses, are beyond the pale of scientific investigation? “Yes. When God judges such revelations to be useful, He reveals to man what science is incompetent to teach him.” It is through communications of this higher order that man is enabled, within certain limits, to obtain a knowledge of his past and of his future destiny.

The Spiritist’s Book by Allan Kardec