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It all started 5 years ago – in 2011 the Spiritist Federation of Florida promoted it’s first “Spiritist Conference of Florida” entitled “Life: Challenges & Solutions” based on the book channeled by Divaldo Pereira Franco, dictated by the Spirit Joana de Angelis.

Divaldo Franco, Raul Teixeira, Alberto Almeida, Cesar Reis and Alirio de Cerqueira Filho joined us and delivered amazing lectures, promoting what would become a yearly tradition in the Floridian Spiritist Movement!

2011 – Life: Challenges & Solutions (Speakers: Divaldo Pereira Franco, Alberto Almeida, Raul Teixeira, Cesar Reis & Alirio de Cerqueira Filho)

2012 – Family & Learning in a Changing Society (Speakers: Divaldo Pereira Franco, Cesar Reis, Alberto Almeida & Alirio de Cerqueira Filho)

2013 – Mediumship: A Human Attribute (Speakers: Divaldo Pereira Franco, Suzana Simoes, Alberto Almeida & Daniel Assisi)

2014 – Spiritism & The New Era: Science and Philosophy for an Ethical Life (Speakers: Divaldo Pereira Franco, Suzana Simoes, Daniel Assisi, Kirsten Demelo and Vanessa Anseloni)

Every year The Spiritist Federation of Florida hosts this conference, inviting amazing speakers, allowing the already growing Spiritist Movement in Florida and in the USA, to get together and partake in the dissemination of the Spiritist message. Spiritist Centers from the North and South, East and West join us, so that our main goal is met; to promote informative Seminars thus encouraging others to learn more about this body of knowledge that is in reality Science, Philosophy and Religion.

Translations into all three languages (Portuguese, English and Spanish) are provided, so that we may embrace everyone without the barrier of languages.

We will meet on March 7th & 8th, 2015 at the Florida International University’s Koven Conference Center, North Miami, FL with this amazing Celebration of Light.