Bezerra de Menezes: Discipline, Moral and Humility

BEZERRABUILDINGMEDIUMWhere did the time go?  30 years is 10,950 days.  That’s a long time, many Gospels, lectures, classes, books read, members come and members gone, incarnated and desincarnated, many presidents and many messages received, many “coxinhas” lunches, innumerable volunteers and opportunities.  But throughout this journey, thanks to our Father, Jesus, Dr. Bezerra and our spiritual guides and mentors we have managed to keep our Bezerra home a Kardecian home.  That is because its founder, Benjamin Rodriguez wanted it that way and would have it no other way.  Discipline, moral and humility were and are essential to the way of life at Bezerra.  Let there be no doubt that 30 years ago, our founder, along with Bezerra’s co-founder and his loving lifelong partner, Haydee Rodriguez were not alone.  There were many people who along the way helped with donations of time, love and monetary contributions so that are doors are able to remain open today.  Following the ideals of the Spiritist Doctrine and its teachings formed a bases that continues today.

What is each and everyone one of us doing in order to assure that 30 years down the road, our Bezerra Home will remain open?  Are we acting in a single individual role, or are we able to act as a team as a group and a community?  Do we give of our time to do the charity that our Doctrine states – without charity there is no salvation?  Let’s love each other, let’s accept each other and let’s give this Bezerra home a guarantee of staying open 30 times 10 years.


Our home along with its unique geographical location, offers to our community the opportunity to learn and study Spiritism in three languages:  Spanish, Portuguese and English. What a great opportunity and responsibility we have in our hands.


Thank you to all of you who made this 30th anniversary possible.  Perhaps you think that you didn’t play a part, but everyone has played a part.  May our codifier’s teachings permeate and penetrate our spirits, may Jesus’ teachings give us the tools that we need to confront our weaknesses and may our conscious lead us to the understanding that we are not alone and that we are eternal spirits.

Maggie Rodriguez
Bezerra de Menezes Kardecian Spiritist Association