Children and Youth Spiritist Education


Children and Youth Spiritist Education

Dear Parents,

Together we can prepare our children for a world of Peace, Justice and Fraternity.

We have learned that “the best legacy we can leave for a child is to bring Jesus into their heart”. For this purpose we want you to join us to help them in this great and noble task.

The Curriculum for Spiritist Sunday School explores the Spiritist doctrinal content and moral norms contained in the teachings of the gospel of our Master, Jesus Christ, the greatest psychologist and educator of humanity.

Our classes begin at 11:30 a.m. every Sunday with a prayer, and finish at 12:45 p.m. after the magnetic passes. To better use the time we have with your children, we ask the strict observance with the start time of classes.

Attending a weekly basis, they are fully integrated with the themes, since each theme addressed in class are connected with the next class, seeking a better understanding of the subjects developed.

We would ask certain attitudes that, in partnership with you, we need to take to aid them in the process of evangelization, thus maintaining the high atmosphere:

  • Let’s encourage our children to respect the evangelists and to have discipline in the classroom.
  • Let our children drink water and go to the bathroom before entering the classroom.
  • Please do not let the child enter the room with toys, games, electronics, diverting attention from colleagues.
  • We ask you to please avoid entering the halls of evangelization during class to check on the children, because it’s distracting.

Thank you for your cooperation.

“It is through education, rather than by instruction, that humanity will be transformed.”
Allan Kardec