We are what we feel

Interview with Francisco do Espirito Santo Neto (Quico) – Courtesy of Rede Boa Nova

We would like you to give us your opinion: how to deal with the pain of our soul in the day-to-day turmoil we experience nowadays?

Quico: To deal or to have under control the heartaches you need to pay attention to our feelings and emotions. We relegate them to the background, but we need to be self-reflective.

Hammed tells me: “We do not feel wrong, but rather interpreted it wrong.” Any feeling is always true because, in reality, they always want to tell us something, but not always our perception is correct. The spirits say: “We are not what we think, but we are what we feel.” It does not help to think that we are something if we feel the opposite. It’s the biggest fight we have with ourselves, wanting to be what we think we are, and not what we feel.

Image courtesy of Stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I believe each of us has a special mission, unique, and each one is provided by the Divinity of specific feelings to walk on the road itself, namely to carry out all that for which it was predestined. Observing these concepts and putting them into practice is that we can actually slow down the heartaches. The heartaches or afflictions only appear in our lives when we turn away from our existential trajectory. No one is imperfect, no one is wrong, we do not need to be scared or afraid of our feelings and emotions because within us there is nothing ugly or bad within us, it is just ourselves – the evolving soul. Sometimes, our fear is what provides the misinterpretation of our inner senses. We must pay close attention to our inner world. Particularly, I bring with me a very interesting phrase from the Buddha: “We need to be present, be present in ourselves all the time”

One day the disciples of an Indian Master said to the disciples of Buddha, “Our master is a great medium. What do you have to say about your master? What can he do? What miracles he does? “.

Buddha’s disciples asked, “What kind of miracles your master has done?”

The other disciples said, “Our master Levitates, our teacher does extraordinary materialization. We ourselves have witnessed this, we are witnesses! What your Buddha Master is able to do? “

They said, “When he is hungry, he eats, and when he is tired he sleeps. Our teacher tells us when walking, walk, when eating, eat, when sitting, sit”

The other spoke: “What are you talking about? You call this a miracle? We all do these things!”

Buddha’s disciples answered: “You are mistaken. Nobody does it. When you sleep, you do a thousand things. When you eat, you think of a thousand things. But when my master sleeps, he sleeps only: just sleep there at that moment, nothing else. And when he feels hungry, he eats. He is always right where he is, he is always present”

What are we feeling here and now? Our feelings and emotions always get their message because they come from the depths of the self, the soul of ourselves. We always need to be present, it is self-reflection operating in our lives. Because every time we say this: “Oh, I will not give importance to this feeling, I do not care for that,” it will be swelling so that becomes a huge tangle, very difficult to be unraveled later. But if we, as St. Augustine recommends in the issue 919 of The Spirits’ Book: “Every night reflect, think, analyze, what you felt, what you did, what you did not.” We’ll leave in order our mental closet. If we let the “messy closet” there will come a day when it will be so disorganized that we will be stressed that we will not have time to organize everything overnight. I believe that an important item for us to not feel the pain is to follow the path itself. By the way, that is our mission here on Earth, only this.

We do everything. We do charity, read books, get married, get divorced, we make friends, we attend the Spiritist Center, study, just to make sure that we are in the path that God has given us as our mission. In question 115 of The Spirits’ Book, Allan Kardec asks the Superior Spirituality how we were created. And the spirits respond that we were created simple and ignorant, but God has given to each one a mission.

The cause of our suffering comes from the misuse of our mission, of our way. One of our great victories over ourselves, which prevents pain to increase (since it is almost inevitable by the evolutionary degree to which we find ourselves), it is to walk the path that is ours alone. The incorporation of this principle, namely, awareness of this principle is already a great relief to the pain of the soul.


quicoFrancisco do Espírito Santo Neto (Catanduva) is a spiritist medium. His spiritual guide is known by the name of Hammed.