The Spirit of Christmas

Who does not know the story of “Scrooge” ?, the creation of Charles Dickens character, bitter, traitor and usurer, whom Christmas does not wake him the slightest feeling of goodness.

In the famous “A Christmas Carol”, the embittered character runs past, present and future of the hand of the Spirit of Christmas, forcing him to reflect and become a giving and good person.

For most children, Christmas is synonymous with joy and toys, but as time passes, the meaning of this celebration varies. The age affects people in different ways. However, most tend to happiness and is satisfied with the idea of ​​spending a pleasant evening with your family. Some, however, are depressed and do not want any celebration. Whether for religious or cultural tradition, Christmas is a time of reflection at different levels and that state makes people more sensitive to positive or negative events, according to psychologists. This situation causes, in many, consumerism leading to channel the Christmas spirit in a way that is not strictly the reason for the date.

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Image Courtesy of Dan at

The spirit of Christmas for many people is only a state of mind, but for others it is the protective mantle that envelops the world during the days of the birth of Jesus Christ is remembered.

For us the spirit of Christmas comes to reflect on the true meaning of the day: the birth of Jesus, the Messiah, the expected, so many teachings and gave us hope, hope and explanations of some of the cryptic phrases were understood from the Comforter promised by “Spiritualism”.

While for some few still retains this feeling, the celebration has become more than the encounter with Jesus and God in an external festival disguised as gifts and superfluous things that have little or nothing to do with the essence of Christmas.

The decorations, music, colored lights, the tree and the birth should serve to create the atmosphere of prayer and seek a personal encounter with God through Jesus.

After greeting our loved ones, we can devote ourselves to really celebrate the “Night of Jesus,” praying, reflecting and making the “Worship at Home” inviting thus the visit of our Brother and spirits Benefactors, for the Light of the Father will flood our homes bringing peace, love and spiritual harmony.

The important thing is to find the balance between the true meaning of Christmas and the social parties, not offending those who do not share our ideas but making us respect our beliefs.

At Christmas time should abound smiles, fraternal embraces, good wishes, the atmosphere of peace and quiet, but not the tyranny of the booms of fireworks or delirium of compulsive buying gifts, debauchery by food and drink showing that instead of celebrating the Night of Jesus, His Nativity, relive the secular orgies where we feasted ourselves with the utmost selfishness.

To keep the Christmas spirit or to channel it in the right way, in addition to what has already been, living for the moment giving love and solidarity, we suggest especially this year, who still suffer the effects of major disasters that erupted around mass disincarnations, as happened in our country in the dance club notorious for everyone, where we demonstrated once again the law of destruction and of cause and effect, unfortunately ignored and not understood by many.

It is a good time to give and share the fortune of having a job, home and food that we offer daily opportunities to upgrade and repair errors, we can love openly, forgive offenses and not hold grudges and respond always through Charity. Since that is the most important teaching that Jesus left us.

Personally, we love this time because we met with the spiritual family, in our society, we received beautiful and uplifting messages of guidance, we shared a piece of bread and grapes, we thank the Father for such a beautiful moment, then we retreated to our homes to reflect what was heard, perceived environment, make comments, we enjoy that blessed night, and within us, we will not deny that some of us remember from our childhood Christmases and in doing so we realize that life, after all, it’s wonderful.

Dear brothers, live with full intensity the true meaning of Christmas, the arrival on Earth of our beloved Master.

Let us live with respect and humility as possible, try to remember and visit our brethren who are in the hospitals, asylums, orphanages we help the creatures that are there at our side and often ignored, as the boys or Adults on the street, think of his loneliness and beyond if it is evidence or atonement for them, Let’s get him a smile, a crust of bread, a word of encouragement, let us open the doors of our homes and our hearts, because remember for them it is “The Night of Jesus.”


HAPPY NATIVITY WITH OUR MASTER FOR ALL, and that peace reign in your hearts!

Dra. Claudia Marta Maglio
Spiritist Federation of Spain