Peace to those who have his good will

“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those who have his good will!” (Luke 2: 14).


The Song of angelic legions in the Divine Night, Father expresses the program about the apostolate would be reserved for the Master that was born.

The celestial praise synthesized in three tiny sentences, the entire platform Christianity.

Glory to God in the highest, meaning the imperative of our consecration to the Supreme Lord with all your heart and all your soul.

Peace on Earth, translating encourage fraternity that concerns us, in terms of every day, with all creatures.

Goodwill toward men, defining our obligations spontaneous service, facing each other in the great journey of humanity.


Francisco Candido Xavier

Christmas expressed renewal of the soul and the world, the foundation of Love, Solidarity and Labour.

Formerly, which they were announced in the name of God, exhibiting the purple of the winners on the heap of corpses and remains of the vanquished.

Shipped with Celeste, which arises in the manger, we have the Divine Victor arrebañando the weak and the sick, the poor and the humble to the revelation of Good Universal¡

Before, armies and ambushes, flagella and daggers, rain and mud to mud bloody conquest.

Now, however, it is an armed Heart of Love, open to understanding all the pains, the meeting of souls.

Do Not Curses

Do Not Sentences

Do Not  Injures

Do Strengthens the good work

He teaches and on.

Helps and move on.

Console the afflicted, without forgetting the joy of consecrating wedding of Cana.

He is comforted by the disciples in the home garden; however, it does not abandon the crowd in the public square.

Exalts the feminine virtues in the home of Peter; with everything; Magdalena despises not diverted.

Share the simple bread of the fishermen, but does not impair the feast of the tax collector.

Bartholomew cure the blind forgotten; Meanwhile, do not forget Zacchaeus, the rich deceived.

I appreciate the nobility of my friends; however, it does not disdain the cross among thieves.

Manger Christ represents the Father on Earth.

The Christian in the world is the Christ in life.

Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those who have his good will!

If you can already hear the message of the unforgettable night, remember that good will toward all creatures is our duty always.


Emmanuel Spirit

Message of the book “Mediumistic Christmas Anthology” psychography of the medium FRANCISCO CANDIDO XAVIER –