A New Year!

Dear brothers and sisters in Spiritism:

We reached the end of this year 2015, and look back to reconnect with special moments. One year we share between laughter and tears, among welcomes and farewells, a year in which we had the opportunity to share and enjoy the greatest gift we have received: life.

No matter if today we think that 2015 was a bad year or sad. Surely for others it was a good and joyful year. Perhaps our year was difficult, or maybe it was a special year. The important thing is to remember those who were by our side. Beings with whom we have shared the good and the bad, because “we will be remembered not for the things we did, but by how we made feel the people that surrounded us.”

2016 will be a great year for everyone. It may be the year we reach the goals for which we fought for so long. 2016 is a story to be written, a complement to our existence, fertile land where our best seeds will germinate.

2016 may be the year that we have been waiting for, that moment in our infinite journey towards progress, when our mind and our heart will tune in to the melody of love.

The volunteers of the Bezerra de Menezes Kardecian Spiritist Association wish you a new year full of opportunities in peace and harmony, and we renew the invitation to continue studying and practicing together this beautiful Spirits Doctrine, under the protection of our dear Dr. Bezerra de Menezes and our eternal master Jesus.

Best Wishes!

Image Courtesy of krishna arts at freedigitalphotos.net

             Image Courtesy of krishna arts at freedigitalphotos.net