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Reconciliarse con los Enemigos

En la práctica del perdón y en la del bien en general, más que un efecto moral hay también un efecto material. Se sabe que la muerte no nos libra de nuestros enemigos; los espíritus vengativos persiguen mu chas veces con un odio más allá de la tumba, a aquellos a quienes han conservado rencor; por esto el proverbio que dice: “Muerto el perro acabada la rabia”, es falso en cuanto se aplica al hombre.

Image Courtesy of Stuart Miles

                                    Image Courtesy of Stuart Miles

El espíritu malo espera que aquel a quien quiere mal esté encadenado a su cuerpo y menos libre, para atormentarle más fácilmente y perjudicarle en sus intereses o en sus afectos más íntimos. En este hecho ha de verse la causa de la mayor parte de las obsesiones; sobre todo de aquellas que presentan cierta gravedad, como la subyugación y la posesión. El obcecado y el poseído son casi siempre víctimas de una venganza anterior, a la que probable mente dieron lugar con su conducta. Dios lo permite para castigarles del mal que ellos mismos han hecho, o si no lo han hecho, por haber faltado a la indulgencia y a la caridad no perdonando. Conviene, pues, desde el punto de vista de su futura tranquilidad, reparar lo más pronto posible los daños que se han podido causar al prójimo, perdonar a sus enemigos con el fin de desvanecer, antes de morir, todo motivo de disensiones y toda causa fundada de animosidad ulterior; por este medio, de un enemigo encarnizado en este mundo, puede uno hacerse un amigo en el otro; al menos el buen derecho está en su parte, y Dios no deja a merced de la venganza ajena al que ha perdonado. Cuando Jesús recomienda reconciliarse lo más pronto posible con su adversario, no es sólo con la mira de apaciguar las discordias durante la existencia actual, sí que también con la de evitar que se perpetúen en las existencias futuras. Él dijo: no saldréis de allí hasta que paguéis el último óbolo, es decir, satisfecha completamente la justicia de Dios.


For several months been developing events frightful. A hurricane of iron and fire has broken out on Europe and the foundations of civilization have been shaken. It is no longer
of thousands, but millions of men colliding against each other in tremendous collision, a struggle so that the world never saw another such. So great is the number of human lives sacrificed to the
mind is shocked at the thought. At stake is the fate of the nations. In certain tragic hours, France has passed on her a sense gale of ruin and death. But for the aid from on high, not mediate countless legion of spirits who have come from all Space points to support the defenders of France, increase their energy, stimulate their courage and inflame their ardor, perhaps the French nation I had succumbed. However, in presence of this terrible drama us We ask as in the middle of a nightmare what lesson can be drawn of those painful events.
First, let us note that such events had They have been announced in advance. Arising from everywhere, abounded warnings and predictions about it. We ourselves felt approaching storm. An indefinable malaise pervaded our souls. As expressed by a thinker, the great events stir the world cast their own shadow first. However, human conglomerates remained indifferent.
Twenty years ago that France, especially, was dozing on a dream of being and sensuality. Most of his children had already another purpose than to make a fortune and enjoy the pleasures that it provides.
Public awareness, sense of duty, discipline and family social, without which no people to be large, they grew weaker increasingly. Scandalous process revealed a state of deep corruption.
Alcoholism and prostitution, as well as the birth of beings which of them is sick, they seemed to spend the nation into irremediable decline. Our enemies had for the French people
finish, and were preparing to divide their spoils. Did not we They condemned to impotence sterile discussions we were engaged? However, our army divisions were only vain appearance. But before the danger threatening the country all French hearts know joined by a supreme effort. Leon-Denislarger
As in all solemn hours of history, as in times Joan of Arc, The Invisible World has intervened. Under the impetus of Above, the deep forces of race, those forces that in each of we slumber, have awakened, and sprang into action, with resurgent ardor, have reappeared in broad daylight the heroic virtues of the centuries past.
Of course the general Joffre  It is a creditable strategist, but we know for a fact that his inspirations, unbeknownst to him, come Beyond. Our country, which they considered decomposed and
It doomed, showed the astonished world that a power irresistible sleep on it. Under the rigor of the test and will France has attracted top.
With a superb drive, resolved all the sacrifices, it has erect against an invading unscrupulous, drunk with pride and eager to establish the world his brutal and barbaric rule.
Think what they want the Germans in the Universe justice. Do not enough to have every moment God’s name on his lips, but would better keep his immutable laws at heart. It is not right
an empty word and the material power does not mean everything in this world. The lies and perfidy, violation of treaties and the burning of the cities, the slaughter of the weak and the innocent can not find justification before the Divine Majesty. All committed evil becomes, with its effects, against the cause that She produced. Thus, the violation of the rights of the weak becomes too
against the powers that revile. The invasion and devastation of Belgium and in northern France they have made all be horrified us and have brought a tremendous reaction of invisible forces. The devastated regions has ascended to heaven a cry of anguish, and the sky did not heard deaf to those calls of despair. The vindictive powers Beyond have gone into action: they raise France above their own forces and push their children into combat. Behind the perishing others arise, until the invader feels his resolution and that weakens destiny has been against him.
Those who have died return to space with the aura of duty fulfilled: his example will inspire generations to come.
The lesson that emerges from these terrible events is that the Man must learn to lift his thoughts on the sad shows the world and direct their gaze towards the Beyond where relief will come, the strength to undertake a new step towards the great objective has been assigned.
Our contemporaries had put their mind and heart in things of matter. Facts have shown them that it’s all unstable and precarious. The hopes and promises lack glories future. No worldly wealth or power that is immune from the disasters that may occur. No wealth or glory is really durable, if not the immortal Spirit. Only he is capable of transform the works of death in life works. But to understand this profound law is necessary school of suffering. And lightning Light must be decomposed by the prism to produce bright rainbow colors, just as the human soul has to be broken by the evidence to radiate all the energy and all great qualities in her slumber.
In the midst of misfortune, especially when man is thinking God. As soon as the burning passions aroused by hatred and revenge have been appeased, and when the company resumes its normal
lifestyle, will start the mission of the spiritualists. How many duels then there will be comfort, and what moral wounds to heal! How many lacerated souls to comfort! Under the slow, deep and effective action pain, countless beings will become accessible to the truths which we are responsible custodians. Let us therefore take advantage of the tragic
circumstances we are experiencing, and get to know Providence of them prove good for mankind.
All hardy souls in the midst of the storm have maintained their Serenity asked, together with us and with confidence, that the evidence suffered by our nation to make vibrate in your soul’s feelings
honor, unity and harmony that are powerful lifts. For its intensity, those feelings might react against pests sensuality, selfishness and excessive personalism that had been erected
our masters in France, stifling the generous instincts, always ready to revive it. The French, intelligent and gentlemanly race, with outstretched hands and open hearts, again become a cause
admiration and a living example for all countries to be pleased to follow …