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Allan Kardec according to Anna Blackwell

In person, Allan Kardec was somewhat under middle height. Strongly built, with a large, round, massive head, well-marked features, and clear grey eyes, he looked more like a German than a Frenchman. Energetic and persevering, but of a temperament that was calm, cautious, and unimaginative almost to coldness, incredulous by nature and by education, a close, logical reasoner, and eminently practical in thought and deed, he was equally free from mysticism and from enthusiasm.

Devoid of ambition, indifferent to luxury and display, the modest income he had acquired from teaching and from the sale of his educational works sufficed for the simple style of living he had adopted, and allowed him to devote the whole of the profits arising from the sale of his spiritist books and from the Revue Spirite to the propagation of the movement initiated by him. His excellent wife relieved him of all domestic and worldly cares, and thus enabled him to consecrate himself entirely to the work to which he believed himself to have been called, and which he prosecuted with unswerving devotion, to the exclusion of all extraneous occupations, interests, and companionships, from the time when he first entered upon it until he died. He made no visits beyond a small circle of intimate friends, and very rarely absented himself from Paris, passing his winters in the heart of the town, in the rooms where he published his Revue, and his summers at the Villa Ségur, a little semi-rural retreat which he had built and planted, as the home of his old age and that of his wife, in the suburban region behind the Champ de Mars, now crossed in every direction by broad avenues and being rapidly built over, but which at that time was a sort of waste land that might still pass for “the country.”

Grave, slow of speech, unassuming in manner, yet not without a certain quiet dignity resulting from the earnestness and single-mindedness which were the distinguishing traits of his character, neither courting nor avoiding discussion, but never volunteering any remark upon the subject to which he had devoted his life, he received with affability the innumerable visitors from every part of the world who came to converse with him in regard to the views of which he was the recognized exponent, answering questions and objections, explaining difficulties, and giving information to all serious inquirers, with whom he talked with freedom and animation, his face occasionally lighting up with a genial and pleasant smile, though such was his habitual sobriety of demeanor that he was never known to laugh.

Among the thousands by whom he was thus visited were many of high rank in the social, literary, artistic, and scientific worlds. The Emperor Napoleon III., the fact of whose interest in spiritist-phenomena was no mystery, sent for him several times, and held long conversations with him at the Tuileries upon the doctrines of The Spirits’ Book.


Anna Blackwell (1816-1900) was a poet, translator, and journalist, taught school, was a member of the Brook Farm community in 1845 and settled in France thereafter. She translated the works of the French socialist Fourier and the novels of Georges Sand. She was a contributing correspondent for as many as eleven newspapers (in the United States, India, Australia, South Africa, and Canada), writing a weekly column under the pseudonym “Fidelitas”.
In England Miss Anna Blackwell was the most prominent exponent of the philosophy of Allan Kardec. She translated his books into English.

The Consolation that Spiritism Brings Us

Belief in the Doctrine of Spiritism brings a person great benefits and one of the major
benefits is CONSOLATION.

How consoling it is to know and believe that there is a Creator Who Loves us and watches
out for all Creation, to know the Creator is Supremely Just and Powerful, One Who provides
through His Immutable Laws, that there is Just Cause for all things.

How consoling to know that we are never alone in dealing with the many trials and tribulations
of Life, for we are assigned a guardian spirit (full of loving goodness and spiritual affection for
us; our truest friend) throughout our lifetime on earth. They are there beside us always, to
inspire us when we feel low, to guide us when we must make decisions, and to help guard us
from harm’s way when it be for our own good…We need to listen and heed their “voice of
conscience” and reason, for they only tell us what is good for us. We also receive spiritual
assistance from our friends and relatives from past lives; who still love us and watch over us
as best they can.

How consoling to know our dear loved ones who depart this physical earth before us, are
received in the spirit world by the loved ones (from both current and previous lives) who had
departed this material world before them, and especially to know they will be received by their
loving spirit guides who welcome them to their true home back into the spirit world with open
and welcome arms. How consoling to know they will be lovingly cared for, after such suffering
upon the earth.

How consoling and comforting to know that our loved ones can see us and know how we are
doing (even though we may not see them or be aware of this). And since we know this to be
true, we know how important it is to pray for them so as to calm and heal them, to let them
know we still love them and remember them. We also want them to know that we are carrying
on our lives so they don’t worry too much over us, so they may concentrate on recuperating
from their sojourn in the material life upon the earth.

How consoling to know that, if God permits and they are in a condition to do so, our loved
ones, from the spirit world (through the faculty of mediumship) can, at times, directly speak
with us at Spiritist sessions.

How consoling to know that the circumstances we find ourselves in life are the perfect and just
circumstances we truly need (no matter how painful) in order to expiate and make reparation
for the wrongdoings we have committed, both in our current life and from our past lives
(although we may not remember now the reasons, we knew prior to our incarnating), for there
is a just cause for everything that happens in life.

How consoling to know that this perfect circumstance of our life, also provides for our moral,
spiritual, and intellectual advancement, if we carry our debts and burdens well, fulfilling our
duties with love in our hearts and serene resignation due to our strong faith in God’s Supreme
Justice and the Divine Plan.

How sad it is for those people who have no knowledge of Spiritism and fear death; how
horrible for some to think they may truly suffer in hell for all an eternity or that there is
nothing beyond death; how sad for those who believe that their deceased loved ones are gone
forever; and how sad for those who believe that this one lifetime is all that God concedes to us.

How sad for those who feel we suffer without just cause… The Supreme Creator Loves us and
as a Father Who Knows our futures and the true purpose of material life, He allows us our
freewill, to reap and sow from all our acts (be they good or evil) so we may grow, develop, and
advance along the spiritual road to reach Him. For God Knows there is an eventual ending to
all suffering when we have totally purified ourselves from all materiality and all selfishness,
and, we will have gained this by the merit of our own efforts, which makes the fruits of all our
labors even greater!

The greatest consolation that knowledge of Spiritism brings is the HOPE we need so we can be
strong to support material life because we know with surety that our situations eventually get
better through God’s Law of Progress!

How glorious will be the end of all our sufferings… when we reach the stage of the purified
souls! Thank you, God!

Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges

December 2003

Yvonne Crespo Limoges is the foumder and director of the Spiritist Society of Florida founded in 1982 in St. Petersburg, Florida, with her father Edgar Crespo (now disincarnated).  Yvonne also hosts the segment “Spiritism Simply Put” in BezerraOnline Web Radio.