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Life is full of misteries. Do we have a Soul? Why is there suffering? Is it there an after life? What do we know about it? What does it means to be a psychic or to have mediumship? Let's explore these and other related subjects in "Spiritism simply put" with Yvonne Limoges.

Yvonne Crespo Limoges born in Brooklyn, NY is the Director of the Spiritist Society of Florida founded in 1982 in St. Petersburg, Florida, with her father Edgar Crespo (now disincarnated). The Center’s website is at www.spiritistsocietyfl.com. She is the editor of their center’s monthly newsletter which is emailed out world-wide. She conducts the Center’s meetings and classes.  Also, a long time member & previous Board Member of the Academy of Spirituality & Consciousness Studies, Inc..

Yvonne is a 5th generation Spiritist and 4th generation American of Spanish, Italian and French heritage. She has worked in the field of Spiritism for over 35 years and has been a working medium (writing and trance) for over 25 years. Her father and his parents attended a Spiritist center named Centro Libertad del Espiritismo (Center for the Liberty of Spiritism) in NYC founded in 1933. Her great great-grandfather Juan Ramon Crespo founded a Spiritist Center Amor y Caridad (Love and Charity) in 1903. Read more.


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