Caravan of Love

Caravana White


Current Locations:

Bezerra de Menezes Spiritist Center 6450 NW 77th Court, 2nd Floor, Miami, Fl. 33166
CORAL GABLES Coral Gables Home and Rehab

7060 SW 8th Street,
Miami, FL 33144

Palmetto Subacute Care Center

7600 SW 8th Street,
Miami, FL, 33144

PARAISO I El Paraiso Home 1540 SW 7th Street,
Miami, FL 33135
PARAISO II Norcris Home

542 NW 8th Street,
Miami, FL 33136

HOPE CENTER Spur Drive Group Home 425 NE 147 Terrace,
North Miami, Fl. 33161


What is the Caravan of Love? 

The Caravan of Love social service activity provided by Bezerra de Menezes Spiritist Association  to its community in the city of Miami, Florida. A group made up of spiritists and sympathizers of the Spiritist Doctrine meet every Sunday at 9:30 am at the  Bezerra de Menezes Spiritist Center, to visit Hospitals, Elderly Care Locations, and Mental Health Centers. After picking up Caravan Supplies, the Caravan Workers are distributed in different private vehicles are arranged, in caravan, to take love to the place that by the pre-established calendar corresponds on that day.

The Caravan of Love  has its origin  in the need to practice the maxims learned in the study of Christian spiritism.  “Without charity there is no salvation” Allan Kardec . We have been expressly informed of the need to open our arms and hearts to all those who need us. Undoubtedly, the Caravan of Love is charity in action, outside the study rooms and inside the hospitals and nursing homes where so much need for love and fraternal contact can be found.

Our Caravan of Love has its basis in the first and greatest commandment,  “You shall love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself “, and in our consoling doctrine that teaches us that work for the good of others is the path towards the conquest of greater goods in the true homeland, in the spiritual homeland.

Activities carried out by the Caravan

The Caravan of Love visits  four Assistance Centers :. We currently carry out the Gospel for the Caravan of Love a outside of a few locations, please check the schedule, which consists of a meeting a little earlier at the day’s location.  This practice is where we read the Gospel according to Spiritism and read it. The day of the Gospel is that special day where the caravan workers are preparing for the beginning of a new journey as a worker of Jesus, we talk about suggestions that can improve the activities are raised on that day; Day of renewal and strengthening through the Gospel of Jesus. 

Main Objectives

The Caravan of Love aims to donate positive fluids and vibrations for patients and workers of the centers that are visited.   The fluids are donated through the embrace, the approach, the conversation with these brothers and sisters who are, for the most part, in the final stage of their existence. The vibrations, in addition to being transmitted by our presence, is also spread via through the music, it works as a wave that surrounds the environment and all those who are exposed, in order to create a propitious environment so that the spiritual caravan workers can also do their work, offering resignation, hope, joy, and in many cases relief for all involved.