Fraternal Counseling

“Come unto me, all of you that are afflicted and burdened, and I will give you rest.”


The Fraternal Counseling is the compassionate attention to all human beings who seek the Bezerra de Menezes Spiritist Center in hopes of a relief for their afflictions of spiritual, mental, and/or physical order. This compassionate attention is conducted under the light of the Doctrine of the Spirits through a process coordinated by the Spiritual Benefactors responsible for this work in the Spiritual World, and implemented with the participation of experienced collaborators of our Center, which are especially trained for this task.


The Spiritist Doctrine clarifies that we are all spirits re-incarnate temporarily living on Earth for another educational and evolutionary journey, each working in his moral and spiritual progress. The torments of this life are challenges that aim to enable such progress through education of the spirit and the consequent development of all virtues through the practice of good. However, the spirit that is still not well-prepared encounters many difficulties to face such trials, often struggling to carry his life on, ultimately turning its challenges into much suffering and sometimes desperation. Many of this suffering end up manifesting themselves in the physical body by a process of somatization.


The Bezerra de Menezes Spiritist Center, through Fraternal Counseling (as well as other opportunities for study and charitable work), offers the needy a sublime opportunity to obtain spiritual support, doctrinal education, and personal transformation, with such resources leading to the relief of their problems. This process includes individual spiritual orientation (known as “interview”), and the opportunity to receive spiritual assistance (also called “fluid therapy”) that the Benefactors offer according to the needs, faith, and deserving of every assisted person.


On the spiritual orientation (interview) the needy is received with humility, respect, brotherhood, and attention as a way to console and soothe him, and to prepare him for spiritual assistance (fluid therapy), which will also occur individually and with much love by the Spiritual Plan. Part of the spiritual assistance is the treatment of the perispirit through magnetic passes, which are spiritual energy transfusions (channeled by the Spiritual World) and human energy (donation of human energy by the incarnate workers).


This spiritual treatment enables the strengthening of the spirit of our brothers and sisters who are weakened and facing existential situations causing psychic (mental and spiritual) and/or physical suffering. With the spirit energized and a greater understanding of the reasons of their afflictions, and with the harmonization of their bodily energy, the needy should also benefit from the growth of hope and perseverance, which are fundamental aspects in the search and finding of solutions, and to finding the path to serenity and peace.


The Fraternal Counseling also is concerned with the preparation of the needy for a better life in the future; thus, it offers the opportunity to all needy to learn the doctrine of Jesus, which brings the true motivation for a happy and peaceful life. The Gospel of Jesus brings a clear understanding of the meaning of the Earthly life, explains the need to overcome trials with resignation for transcendental benefits, and teaches the needy to walk within the territory of the Divine Laws.


In short, the Fraternal Counseling aims to facilitate to the needy of this world the means for all to benefit from the promise of Christ: “Come unto me, all of you that are afflicted and burdened, and I will give you rest.


The Fraternal Counseling at Bezerra de Menezes Spiritist Center is offered free to all in need, without any discrimination, every Wednesday at 6:30 pm.


It is recommended to all to participate in the Fluid Therapy for at least six consecutive weekly sessions. The needy people receiving assistance in these works are the main agents of change they confidently and eagerly expect, because the spiritual aid needs to find a fertile field in the heart of the needy. Such changes often require some personal transformation, hence the emphasis in the study of the Gospel of Jesus, which we call “Gospel-therapy”. Let’s remember here the recommendation of Jesus to Mary Magdalene: “Go and sin no more”, which means to the needy benefitting from the Fraternal Counseling that the moral transformation is the key to benefitting from the blessings received in a continued and sustainable way.