Dr. Alirio de Cerqueira Filho

Spiritist speaker , doctor, biologist with qualification in ecology, specializing in Homeopathy, Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy. Master Practitioner and Trainer in the art of Neuro linguísti programming . Course of regressive therapy to past lives, consultant to businesses and professionals for issues of emotional intelligence. Transpersonal Educator and author of the book "The Art of Essential Powers," "Psychotherapy in the light of the Gospel of Jesus" and "Jesus and Kardec." As an extension and upgrade made: Ericsonian Hypnosis , Neurolinguístic Programming For Psycotherapists, Games of Companies and others. Fifteen years of experience as a doctor, psychotherapist, facilitator of courses, seminars and lectures. It is technical and scientific director of the Brazilian Institute of Human Plenitude ® - IBPH