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Caravan of Love:

  1. Diabetic Socks

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It’s common among residents to have diabetes, and those special socks make life so much more comfortable for them. Just be sure they’re slip resistant!

  1. Adult Diapers and Tissues
It is important to know that these establishments work with some governmental funds and some of the supplies may not be enough for everyone.  Every time you visit bring a little something and that goes a long way.

  1. Pampering

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You don’t have to be a professional salon stylist to help them feel special. Chatting with them while you paint their nails or give their hair a simple new style is all it takes.

  1. Cute Stationary

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Since they haven’t necessarily jumped on the technology bandwagon to keep in touch with their loved ones, stationary and all-occasion greeting cards come in handy. Be sure to include stamps!

  1. Large-Print Books

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Reading is one of the best ways for them to pass the time and keep their minds sharp, and the larger font will help make sure everyone has the ability to enjoy them.

  1. Magazine Subscriptions

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These have a similar benefit to books, but having a subscription gives them something to look forward to every now and then too!

  1. Puzzles And Board Games

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Keeping their minds active is especially important for warding off dementia, and playing through a few rounds of Candy Land would definitely put a smile on their face at the same time!

  1. Crafting Kits

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Art is a great tool for keeping minds active too, and gives them an opportunity to channel their emotions in a way they might not be able to articulate otherwise.

  1. Flashlights

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former nursing home employee revealed this was one of the requests she got most often from residents who wanted to sneak in a few extra moments of reading without bugging any potential roommates. A flashlight can also help them find their things in the dark more easily. Night lights are also commonly requested.

  1. Air Fresheners

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No one likes living in stale air, after all, and you can even find something with essential oils to disinfect any germs flying around the rooms.

  1. House Plants

Johanna Silver
Keeping in mind their various energy levels, these low-maintenance plants are a perfect way to provide a manageable responsibility they can feel proud of each day.

  1. Fresh Fruit

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Fresh fruit is another frequently requested item, according to nursing home employees, and it’s better for them than hard candy. You can even set up a monthly delivery, but be sure to keep any dietary restrictions in mind.

Did we miss any simple things you can give to nursing home residents to make their days brighter?

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Food Pantry:

  1. Your time
  2. 100% Juice Drinks

Food banks should always have juices on hand, especially for kids, but juices with high fructose corn syrup can be harmful for kids who are struggling to get proper nutrition. Nutrition consultants recommend 100% fruit juice as a better healthy choice.

  1. Holiday Foods 

Food banks face high traffic around the holidays and need lots of these seasonal staples. Holiday foods aren’t always the healthiest; the better things are stuffing mix that’s low in sodium and notes that cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes can be “packed with antioxidants which help strengthen your immune system during cold and flu season.”

  1. Low-Sodium Vegetables

Mixed vegetables are also a good option because they make for more colorful and well-rounded meals.

  1. Canned Tuna, Canned Chicken, and Canned Salmon

Canned tuna, chicken, and salmon because they’re non-perishable and can be added to many meals for a much-needed protein boost. These are three of the most useful items you can give to a food bank.

  1. Unsalted Nuts

Mixed nuts are a great and highly needed source of protein and vitamins. They tend to be more expensive and hard to keep stocked at food banks, which makes them a welcome donation. The best ones are the unsalted versions.

  1. No Sugar Added Fruits

Canned fruits and fruit cups are good snacks for kids, high in Vitamin C and nutrients, and keep well on food bank shelves. The general recommendation is donating fruits packed in water or fruit juice rather than heavy syrup.

  1. Shelf-Stable Milk

Milk is a great source of calcium and protein, since it’s hard for food banks to buy and manage fresh milk that will go bad in a week or two. Food banks are always in need of shelf-stable and powdered milk that will last a long time.

  1. Whole Grain Pasta

Pasta is a filling non-perishable good that goes a long way, but white pasta doesn’t have a high nutritional value, so try to donate whole grain varieties if you can. A whole grain pasta is a great way to promote fiber intake.

  1. Canned Beef Stew

Canned beef stew is an all-purpose, non-perishable good. It’s a warming meal full of meats, veggies, and complex carbohydrates. It’s also helpful if the can doesn’t require a can opener.

  1. Brown Rice, Quinoa

Like whole grain pasta, brown rice is a filling and versatile base for many meals, high in fiber and Vitamin B. Boxed rice like this are easy to store, easy to distribute, and help make meals go further.

  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a healthy and filling breakfast and it can be used for other baked goods, non-perishable staple.

  1. Canola, Olive and Coconut Oils

Canola, olive and coconut oils are highly sought after by most food banks. Oil is important for cooking, and these oils provide relatively healthy calories thanks to their mono-unsaturated fats.

  1. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a protein-rich food that’s always in high demand.

  1. Low-Sodium Soups

Like stews, soups are a great way to get all of the food groups together in one hearty bowl. Most food banks prefer lower-sodium soups to make sure people seeking assistance are getting healthy meals as often as possible.

  1. Beans

This is a good high-protein staple that food banks can keep on their shelves for ages. Beans also have the benefits of being filling and maintaining most of their nutrients even when canned.

  1. Low-Sugar Cereals

Cheerios and Fiber One among others are good donations to food banks because they’re high in healthy whole grains and low in sugar, with only about 1 g per serving.

  1. Granola Bars and Popcorn

Food banks are always looking for healthy snacks to give out, especially to families with kids. Granola bars are a good choice because they keep well and they’re healthy.  Another option is popcorn, which is a filling, whole grain snack.



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