Welcome to the Bezerra de Menezes Spiritist Kardecian Assoc. web site. We are a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide spiritual and social assistance to the community. We function strictly through volunteers who work in the different areas of need, towards the dissemination of the Kardecian Spiritism Doctrine, comprised of three aspects: scientific, philosophical and religious.
Our Center holds public activities which consist of, classes, conferences, and seminars. At these public events the attendees have the opportunity of advancing their knowledge in the Spiritist Doctrine as well as receiving physical/spiritual assistance through magnetic energy. Our library has a voluminous collection of reading material, and its members have the opportunity of borrowing books and reading material in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Our mission:

a) To study Spiritism and unlimitedly to promote its teachings by every means available through written words , spoken and exemplified in conformity with the established methods in the Codification of Allan Kardec and the complementary books.

b) Promote the practice of spiritual, moral and material charity, through every means possible, for the benefit of those within its reach, without distinction of person, race, color, political creed, social position or religion.

c) Fulfill assistance and social promotion of a general manner.

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President Eliseu Lima president(at)spiritist.com
V-President Margarita Rodriguez vicepresident(at)spiritist.com
Secretary Claudia Nunes secretary(at)spiritist.com
V-Secretary Luis Salazar secretary(at)spiritist.com
Treasurer Jeanete Essu treasurer(at)spiritist.com
V-Treasurer Rita Salgado treasurer(at)spiritist.com

By-laws: English, Spanish, Portuguese

For more info, contact us at info@spiritist.com

We are located at 6450 North West 77th Ct. Miami Florida 33166
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