Study Groups

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Free Classes. Weekly study groups. Next Cycle Starting August 31, 2015.

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Spiritual Assistance

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Free Spiritual help. Fraternal Counseling, Bio-Energy Treatments. Every Wednesday at 6:30 PM.

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Social Assistance

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Weekly visits to the elderly, and Food Pantry for families in need.

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What is Spiritism?

“Spiritism is a science which deals with the nature, origin and destiny of Spirits, as well as their relationship with the corporeal world.”

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Children and Youth Spiritist Education

Children and Youth Spiritist Education Dear Parents, Together we can prepare our children for a world of Peace, Justice and Fraternity. We have learned that “the best legacy we can leave for a child is to bring Jesus into their heart”. For this purpose we want you to join us to help them in this […]

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Charity, Divine Virtue

Charity! That sublime word which synthesizes all the virtues, it is you who will conduct all peoples of the world towards happiness. It is only by the act of charity that infinite delights can be created for each one in the future. Yet even while you remain exiled on Earth, it will be your consolation, […]

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Caridad, Divina Virtud.

¡Caridad!, palabra sublime que resume todas las virtudes, tú eres la que debe conducir los pueblos a la felicidad; practicándote se crearán goces infinitos para el porvenir, y durante su destierro en la tierra, tú serás su consuelo, el principio de los goces que disfrutarán más tarde cuando se abracen todos juntos en el seno […]

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Bezerra de Menezes Kardecian Spiritist Association
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